Where to visit in October


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is awash with colour, vibrancy and beauty from the swathes of gloriously gold sand.

French Polynesia

The epitome of the South Pacific, exotic French Polynesia has captured the imagination of travellers since the 18th Century.


This former haven of pirates, smugglers and rum-runners is now dedicated to holiday pleasure.


Barrier Reef

In Australia's tropical north lies one of the world's most remarkable landscapes.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is glitz, glamour and show-stopping hotels, and must be seen to be believed.


Known to its inhabitants as Um ad-Dunya meaning ‘Mother of the World’, Egypt’s capital city.


Luxor is often dubbed ‘the world’s greatest open air museum’.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for its fascinating harmony between old and new, east and west.


Boston is attractive and historic, yet has a young feel to it with a number of universities.