Where to visit in August



Bula and welcome to Fiji - an exotic melting pot of cultures and traditions, home to pristine beaches and lush, tropical hinterland.

ST Vincent

Mexico boasts some of Central America's finest beaches, most luxurious resorts and best tourist facilities, along with a spectacular historical heritage.


A string of pearls afloat on the sea of lapis lazuli, the Grenadines are superbly undeveloped and supremely unspoilt.



Perfect for an exotic beach holiday, Borneo offers exciting sightseeing, diverse scenery and beautiful beaches.

Cairns & Queensland

This popular and diverse region is famed for its casual laid-back lifestyle and friendly people, perhaps none more so than in the vibrant tropical Cairns.


Exceptional scenery, outdoor activity and chocolate box villages harmonise with snow-capped peaks, ice glaciers and cultural cities.


Vietnam is a nation with a split personality. Stepping off the plane can be a journey into a maelstrom of astonishing noise and activity or captivating culture and history.


Discover shopping opportunities in this beautiful cosmopolitan city.

National Parks & Lakes

Envelope yourself in the stunning scenery of Canada's National Parks & Lakes.